• Hello Mr. John, I want to thank you for making it possible for IB World School’s 8th graders to witness, experience, learn, and participate in one of the best interactive learning activities I’ve seen in my thirty-nine years of teaching. The ThinkFast Interactive Assembly was simply exceptional! The most exciting part was the fact that… Read more »

    - West End Middle IB World School
  • Tim, Thank you! As I stated in my initial email to you; I LOVED the concept of the entire ThinkFast Interactive Awareness program and I know the kids were absolutely engaged, no question! I can’t wait to see the results of the pre-post survey J Thanks for providing an outstanding opportunity to engage our youth!… Read more »

    - Despina Metakos – RI- DOT
  • Mr. John, The GHSO/ThinkFast Interactive program was absolutely awesome!!! The students loved it, the teachers were bragging about it, and I am thoroughly impressed. I do life safety education like this as a full-time job, and this is one of the coolest programs for high school students I have seen. Alan was explaining that you… Read more »

    - Brandon Smith – Public Safety Coordinator

ThinkFast Interactive in MI

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ThinkFast Interactive in MI


What an amazing assembly!  Alan and the DJ were fantastic.  They were energetic and kept the students involved in the presentation the entire time.  Additionally, the content of the presentation was perfect for HS students.  It was relevant and interesting.  Kids left the presentation talking about the content as well as the delivery.  I heard from several students that it was one of the best assemblies they have ever attended.  I would agree.  I would highly recommend this presentation and your presenters to my colleagues.  You are welcome to share my name and my recommendation as you see fit.

Thank you again for an amazing presentation.

Kelli-Ann Fazer
LakeVille Memorial High School
Otisville, MI, 48463