• Tim, Everything went very well with ThinkFast Interactive.  I appreciate your team working with us to reschedule the Monday show at Montcalm for Wednesday. This was the first time that we have hosted the program there and it was well received.  This specific school had a Senior killed by a drunk driver 2 days after school started back… Read more »

    - Sergeant Adam M. Ballard – WV
  • Mr. John, The GHSO/ThinkFast Interactive program was absolutely awesome!!! The students loved it, the teachers were bragging about it, and I am thoroughly impressed. I do life safety education like this as a full-time job, and this is one of the coolest programs for high school students I have seen. Alan was explaining that you… Read more »

    - Brandon Smith – Public Safety Coordinator
  • Mr. John, Great speaking with you today! I was really impressed by your ThinkFast Interactive Awareness production and its ability to motivate, engage, and provide awareness to the students of Gibbs High School in Knoxville Tennessee. Some things I think you will be pleased to know your program is doing from a theoretical perspective: Provide… Read more »

    - Holly Errigo – University of Tennessee

ThinkFast Interactive in MI

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ThinkFast Interactive in MI


What an amazing assembly!  Alan and the DJ were fantastic.  They were energetic and kept the students involved in the presentation the entire time.  Additionally, the content of the presentation was perfect for HS students.  It was relevant and interesting.  Kids left the presentation talking about the content as well as the delivery.  I heard from several students that it was one of the best assemblies they have ever attended.  I would agree.  I would highly recommend this presentation and your presenters to my colleagues.  You are welcome to share my name and my recommendation as you see fit.

Thank you again for an amazing presentation.

Kelli-Ann Fazer
LakeVille Memorial High School
Otisville, MI, 48463