Our History

A Fun and Effective Approach to Awareness Programming

ThinkFast™ Interactive was developed in 1997 to provide an engaging and educational program that tackles important topics such as underage drinking, drug use, bullying, traffic safety, and distracted driving. Audience Response Technology (wireless keypads) is used to connect the audience to the message and promote team play. Our goal is to create an exciting and captivating program that will keep the audience’s attention and focus from start to finish. We combine custom awareness content with cutting-edge technology, age-appropriate entertainment, elaborate staging, and a charismatic host to create an unforgettable experience. Hundreds of awareness programs across the United States have used ThinkFast® to increase the knowledge of their participants.

Our Mission

Empowering Youth with Life-Saving Safety Messaging

Our mission is to empower young people to make smarter, more informed decisions through the ThinkFast® Interactive program. We strive to provide an engaging and non-intrusive learning experience, utilizing state-of-the-art technology and custom-tailored age-relevant awareness information. With an impressive, award-winning track record, ThinkFast™ Interactive is committed to helping our program sponsors instill safety and awareness messaging in a meaningful way.


Tailored Awareness Solutions

At ThinkFast™ Interactive, we understand that every organization has different needs. That’s why we offer a customized awareness program to meet those needs. Our program provides intervention and education to reinforce and sustain the effects of the prevention messages delivered through our presentation. Our presentation consists of two distinct features: team-based trivia and interactive breakout challenges. The trivia educates the audience by presenting custom awareness information through multiple choice questions, while the interactive breakout challenges expose the audience’s perspectives on the core issues. With ThinkFast Interactive, you can not only provide a fun and informative event, but also facilitate a change in the social behaviors and psychological perceptions of your targeted participants, helping to create a lasting impact.

Measurable Results

Transforming Highway Safety Education for Teens and Adults Nationwide

Both teens and adults from across the country have repeatedly given high praises to the ThinkFast and many say that it provides a unique and engaging experience that participants will always remember. Evaluation data overall does allow program planners to be confident in knowing the program is effective in improving highway safety knowledge, attitudes, social norms, perceptions of behavior control, and overall passenger and driving behavior intentions. While there have been some differences among groups observed over the years, positive changes tend to be quite consistent across demographic sub-group comparisons (such as between genders, ages, or by race, or grade in school). This gives some indication that teens appear to experience ThinkFast similarly and that they have demonstrated similar benefits as measured. This is corroborated by subjective reports from teens and adults alike that ThinkFast impacts everyone in the room, even in very large groups.

Since 2006, several statewide Highway Safety offices have contracted ThinkFast Interactive services including the administration of local pre/post program evaluations. Data have repeatedly documented the effectiveness of ThinkFast Interactive at increasing highway safety knowledge among both middle and high school students. Teens in statewide samples have consistently increased their knowledge scores by twenty to thirty points after the program in Alaska, Rhode Island, Tennessee, and Virginia. Comparisons from pre to post also reveal significant improvements in teen attitudes towards wearing their seat belts, not talking/texting on the cell phone while driving, not speeding, and a range of other risky driving behaviors. Teens also show significant increases in their intentions to intervene as a passenger to promote safety if whoever is driving them is taking unnecessary risks. Geographical areas adequately saturated with ThinkFast Interactive exposure that complements an effective statewide strategic plan also frequently demonstrate decreases in teen crash rates.

Evaluation Strategies

Customized Evaluation Solutions with ThinkFast™ Interactive

ThinkFast™ Interactive offers several options to program sponsors for measuring the effectiveness of its programs. Please reach out to discuss which option would work best for you and your initiative today.