Peer Reviews

Who are we working with?

Federal, State and local governments

ThinkFast Interactive (TFI) is an innovative and effective program that is used by many government agencies to reach targeted audiences to present important information in a fun and entertaining manner. While many highway safety offices in a growing number of states have contracted TFI to educate middle school, high school and college students about passenger and driver safety as it affects them in their home state, government agencies have also utilized our program to educate on topics such as: community safety and violence prevention; drug awareness and prevention and pedestrian safety, to name a few. In every evaluation of TFI, the data revealed does allow program planners to be confident in knowing the program is effective in improving knowledge retention, attitudes, social norms, perceptions of behavior control, and overall behavior intentions that are in alignment with safety benchmarks.

With support from federal grants that aim to combat underage drinking and drug abuse, a growing number of high schools and colleges are independently programming multiple TFI events each semester to continuously and consistently spread the message of prevention and awareness in a fun and effective way.

It was a great presentation, in both cases. Your host was really good. It for sure is entertaining and delivers the important, and valuble message. It was very professionally done. It is worthwhile, informative, and beneficial to educating the students on highway safety related issues that might not otherwise be conveyed to them in any other setting.

West Virginia Office of Highway Safety

I just wanted to thank you and the entire staff for the great work you did on the ThinkFast Interactive events at high schools, colleges and Universities across the state of Tennessee. I had been looking for new and innovative ways to expand the exposure of our “Booze It and Lose It” message to teens and young adults. I was having little luck until I was told about your event by the Dean of Student Affairs at Rhodes College. I thought that the concept was wonderful and that this was the perfect avenue to spread the message in addition to offering students a fun filled event. The response from each of the schools has been overwhelmingly positive. We look forward to working with you in the future and making an even bigger affect on youth within the state of Tennessee.

Tennessee Governor’s Highway Safety Office

United States Military

An approved vendor for Armed Forces Entertainment, ThinkFast Interactive is presented at events for U.S. Military personnel each year, and also tours to regional U.S. Army and Navy MWR installations for special programs. Partnering with Powell Tate, a division of Weber Shandwick, and on behalf of the U.S. Army, ThinkFast Interactive is provided in conjunction with the Army Strong recruitment campaign, Planning for Life. PFL prepares middle and high school students for college and the workforce – organizationally, academically, physically and emotionally. ThinkFast Interactive is recognized internationally for its ability to cater to large and diverse audiences of all ages and interests, and its value lies in its ability to effectively increase the knowledge of its participants in a non- intrusive way.

Honestly, I think you all did a great job and I really cannot complain about anything. Every person that attended the ThinkFast Interactive event was very pleased. I received more feedback about this event than I have ever had throughout my 2 years with the MWR. I received two emails and a visit from the Air Force being interested in doing more shows this year! You seem to have this all down to a science.

Naval Support Activity MWR

The ThinkFast Interactive program provided outstanding entertainment, and contained important alcohol, and drug abuse information for the Soldiers. It was certainly successful in encouraging a high level of participation from the audience. I’ve never seen the Soldiers have so much fun at an MWR sponsored event.

Fort Sam Houston MWR

Elementary and Secondary Schools

ThinkFast Interactive performs hundreds of awareness events each year to elementary, middle and high school campuses across the United States. ThinkFast Interactive caters to students of all ages and interests by combining state of the art technology, entertainment, and age-relevant awareness information. Built around team effort, ThinkFast Interactive is the event solution to yield stronger, longer- lasting effects on driving safety issues, alcohol, tobacco and substance abuse than any other individual program alone. ThinkFast Interactive exposes participants to a safe, exhilarating, and natural way to have fun. It provides a cool environment to dance, have fun and learn without the use of alcohol or other substances.

Our school was very fortunate to have the ThinkFast Interactive program at our high school yesterday. We also had this program last year. The format with which the message is presented is one that our students really enjoy. For the last two years our Driver Education students have participated in this program and I feel they have gained tremendously. Please pass on our thanks to everyone associated with this production. We look forward to getting this program on a yearly basis. Thank you for helping our students!

Tennessee High School

Colleges & Universities

ThinkFast Interactive is so popular with colleges nationwide that it has won the Novelty Event of the Year award for 10 years running through Cameo Magazines’ Reader’s Choice Entertainment Awards in addition to various other awards and nominations by A.P.C.A. (Association for the Promotion of Campus Activities) and N.A.C.A. (National Association of Campus Activities). Touring 4 productions of ThinkFast Interactive year round, colleges such as West Virginia University, University of Mississippi and Penn State University book this event as many as 12 times per year or more. In the college entertainment world, that’s unprecedented!

I think the most important thing that stuck in my head happened after the show. One of the students who participated in the game came up to me, gave me a hug and said ‘thank you for planning this event, I had a great time.’ This really touched me and I knew at that moment that I had done my job that night, I had made a student’s college experience better with the help of the ThinkFast Interactive program.

Thank you for creating this educationally amazing interactive program.

Penn State University State College PA

Small Businesses & Large Corporations

ThinkFast Interactive is committed to working with effective and socially responsible corporate partners that are interested in promoting social change and supporting youth and young- adult development in drug, alcohol and tobacco prevention education. Embodying many of the features of a highly effective marketing campaign, ThinkFast Interactive is a well-designed and executed program intended to help generate and sustain positive change in our communities. ThinkFast Interactive® is also used by major corporations nationwide for training, team building and recruiting initiatives.

ThinkFast Interactive is an interactive, trivia-based event that promotes team-play through the use of Fleetwood’s multi digit wireless remotes. Hundreds of your professionals can participate for the entire duration, from start to finish! A professionally staged show, ThinkFast Interactive creates a memorable first impression for your participants with its high tech production set and style. By combining the elements of team play, an engaging atmosphere and customized content about your organization, we create an enjoyable event that promotes your corporate training objective with an emphasis on team building.

We got huge stamps of approval. The ThinkFast Interactive event was received very well!


Thank you so much for your efforts to make this event a success. Everyone loved it. This was the first time we actually pleased everyone, which is a very difficult task! Your ThinkFast Interactive program archived everything we were looking accomplish regarding product training, team building and just a fun evening for all our employees. The ThinkFast Interactive team was excellent to work with. It was a pleasure! Please thank everyone for a job well done!

Wolverine Boots and Shoes

Non-Profits, Grass Root Organizations & National Membership Coalitions

In addition to working with coalitions to help make communities safe, healthy and drug- free, ThinkFast Interactive also performs to large groups at regional and national conferences for SADD, CADCA, NIDA, HACU, Lifesavers, PRIDE Youth, BACCHUS Network and many more. From community mobilization projects, to after-school programs and various public school ‘Drug-Free Schools’ campaigns, ThinkFast Interactive is the one source for innovative programs that educate and entertain large and diverse audiences.

I would love to work with ThinkFast Interactive again. It allows us to put on a great program and not have to re-create the wheel. I look forward to seeing the results from the student evaluations. Loved the interactiveness of the show. That takes educating teens to a whole new level.

Injury Prevention Center

In order for youth to fight the problem in their communities they need to be aware of the problem. The ThinkFast game show provided a comfortable and fun environment for CADCA youth to learn.

Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America