ThinkFast® Interactive is an evidence-informed program of TjohnE

ThinkFast® Interactive is an evidence-informed program of TjohnE that was originally developed in 1997 as a fun, innovative, and experiential entertainment program that would non-intrusively expose participants to important educational information about a custom safety awareness topic chosen by program sponsors, such as the consequences of underage drinking, substance misuse and abuse, bullying prevention, traffic safety promotion, and healthy relationship skills.

TjohnE’s History

TjohnE Productions (TjohnE) is a cutting-edge production company and booking agency specializing in mobile, interactive, educational, awareness, and entertainment productions. ThinkFast Interactive and our other programs have won multiple awards, including the 2013 Lifesaver Award from the Governors Highway Safety Office of Tennessee.The company incorporated in 2002 with Timothy John as president and owner. TjohnE Productions management is comprised of family members Linda John, Jaisen John, and Marin John, with various other office and production personnel involved in the operation. We are a forward thinking company and the first in the country to develop tech-based, non-intrusive interactive awareness programs that have been proven to break down the typical barriers young people have that can insulate them from receiving safety awareness messages. We’re a company that has built a reputation on providing unmatched service conducted with integrity that is tailored to fit local needs in providing clear and consistent safety messages to young people in an innovative and proven way.

ThinkFast Interactive’s History

At ThinkFast Interactive’s inception, the goal was to use our expertise in entertainment production to develop an interesting educational program that would directly engage hundreds of individuals for the entire duration of the presentation, and for the program to be as stimulating and captivating as possible to avoid the pitfalls of typical awareness lectures and presentations. It was important to produce ThinkFast® Interactive in a manner that was team oriented to encourage participants to interact as a group, thereby shifting cultural norms as groups of peers mutually acknowledge safety facts about important awareness topics.. Employing the use of Audience Response Technology (ARS) wireless keypads was a key factor in connecting the audience to the message, promoting team play, and providing a kinesthetic experience, all of which have been shown to activate the learning centers of the brain to improve retention and promote memory recall. Combining custom awareness content with state of the art technology, age relevant entertainment, elaborate staging and a charismatic host, ThinkFast® Interactive became the culmination of our ultimate vision. Initially producing the innovative programs at the university level, since 2005 TjohnE has successfully delivered the ThinkFast Interactive program to over half a million young people including middle school, high school, and university students.

Our Mission

The choices young people are faced with today are absolutely mind-boggling and the consequences of those choices can be dangerous— potentially lethal. Our mission is to instill safety messaging in a non-intrusive way, inspiring young people to be smarter and more informed people. With an impressive, award-winning track record, ThinkFast® Interactive supplements the efforts of our program sponsors by catering to participants of all ages and interests with our state of the art technology and custom-tailored age-relevant awareness information.