Program Features

Empowering Program Sponsors to Craft a Positive Message for Meaningful Participant Engagement

Program Features

ThinkFast™ Interactive: Interactive Engagement for Meaningful Change

Acknowledging the unique needs of all organizations, the ThinkFast™ Interactive program team offers custom-made awareness programs to optimize results. Our program is assembled of four integral components – team-based trivia, interactive breakout challenges, personalized educational videos, and an animated MC – to ensure a fun but meaningful experience that strengthens your message via our proprietary communicating system. The combination of knowledge-sharing and critical thinking spurs more than just a momentary or superficial shift in the attitudes and habits of the attendees, enabling progress that endures.

Why Everyone Loves It

Why Programmers Love It:

  • Quality production/education in 60 minutes
  • Team-building atmosphere
  • Turn-key production
  • Customizable content for all ages
  • Accommodates large crowds in small teams

Why Students Love It:

  • Engaging, fast-paced program
  • Fun, safe, and inclusive learning environment
  • Educational content delivered with popular music and trivia
  • Relevant trivia tailored for student population
  • Prizes and bragging rights!


How It Works

As participants enter a transformed venue provided by program sponsors, they immediately notice the elaborate staging, intelligent lighting, and professional sound system playing mainstream music. In a swift and efficient manner, our host and his assistant organize students into groups of 3-5 players per team and instruct the audience how to use the multi digit ARS wireless keypads. With a cue to the DJ to start the music, the entertaining host fires up the audience and kicks off the ThinkFast Interactive event!


Launching this fast-paced, battle-of-the-wits competition, the host directs participants to tune their attention to the large-scale projection screens as a topical and age-relevant trivia question with a list of five possible answers flash across the screens. Immediately following, a series of clues appear. The final clue reveals the correct answer, giving teams the opportunity to score at least some points on every question. With participants transfixed to the multiple projection screens throughout the presentation, teams race against the time clock to select the correct answer and accumulate the most points. The teams that answer correctly in the fastest amount of time receive the most points. The longer it takes a team to answer correctly, the fewer points that team receives. The questions in each round incorporate a balance of custom awareness and prevention trivia, pop culture trivia, ESP survey questions, ThinkFast-ER questions, music video questions, and a talent contest.

Teams are given the opportunity to even the score when the last question of each round, the Big Bid Question, is asked. The Big Bid Question allows trailing teams the opportunity to catch up in points if they are sure of the answer. The Big Bid Question can be a brain-teasing, awareness, pop-culture or academic question. Before the participants can see what the question actually is, they must wager a percentage of their points (0% up to 95%) based on the topic. By answering the Big Bid Question correctly, those confident teams that wagered 95% of their total accumulated points will increase their chance at making it to the Speed Round!


The Speed Round occurs after each Game Round. We take one representative from the four top-scoring teams from the Game Round to battle it out in a fast-paced, competitive trivia blast! During the Speed Round, the ThinkFast™ Interactive host fires a series of awareness and pop culture questions at the contestants. As fast as they can buzz in to answer, the team collects 100 points for every correct answer. The first team to accrue 500 points wins the Speed Round and is designated as the Round Champion.

The teams then begin Round 2 with zero points and we repeat the process to find our ‘Round 2 Champion’. We then take the winning teams from both rounds to compete in a Final Championship Speed Round that determines the final game winner. Here is where we add another twist – the Wild Card Teams!


In an effort to keep the entire audience engaged throughout the show, the host incorporates Wild Cards. Wild Cards are teams that are randomly selected from the audience to compete against the Round 1 and 2 winners. Their goal is to take control of the game. If the ‘Wild Card’ team answers incorrectly, they will be eliminated from the game and another Wild Card team will be randomly selected to take over the points they had accrued.

The significant feature of the Wild Card team option is that the entire audience is engaged from the start of the program until the winning team is declared! There is not another interactive event on the market that allows hundreds, or even thousands, of people to actively participate in an event at one time! There can be as many Wild Card teams as is needed. In an average game there are several Wild Card teams that are selected to compete for the final winner-take-all prize!


By providing a safe, fun, and relaxed environment, the team play feature enhances each participant’s experience by encouraging teens and young adults to bond with their peers while discussing the very serious awareness and prevention content. As a spectator, you’ll witness the competitive nature of the participants, jumping up in excitement, high-fiving fellow peers, and cheering loudly as they score points with each correct answer. ThinkFast™ Interactive generates enthusiasm about learning, and because of the special recipe we use in combining entertainment with education, participants are interested and captivated for the duration of the program.