Peer Reviews

Non-Profits, Grass Root Organizations & National Membership Coalitions

In addition to working with coalitions to help make communities safe, healthy and drug- free, ThinkFast Interactive also performs to large groups at regional and national conferences for SADD, CADCA, NIDA, HACU, Lifesavers, PRIDE Youth, BACCHUS Network and many more. From community mobilization projects, to after-school programs and various public school ‘Drug-Free Schools’ campaigns, ThinkFast Interactive is the one source for innovative programs that educate and entertain large and diverse audiences.


Injury Prevention Center

I would love to work with ThinkFast Interactive again. It allows us to put on a great program and not have to re-create the wheel. I look forward to seeing the results from the student evaluations. Loved the interactiveness of the show. That takes educating teens to a whole new level.

Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America

In order for youth to fight the problem in their communities they need to be aware of the problem. The ThinkFast game show provided a comfortable and fun environment for CADCA youth to learn.