Future Drivers


Future Driver and Passenger Safety

Foundational driving skills, good or bad, are learned as passengers at an early age, typically from parents or guardians. With the implementation of GDL laws, there is now an effective stopgap to ensure safe driving practices are learned in order to gain licensure, however, there’s an opportunity to have meaningful conversations about safe driving as passengers and future drivers prior to the start of the formal GDL training.

Beyond the foundational knowledge of what constitutes safe driving and conversely, what isn’t, this iteration of ThinkFast Interactive (TFI) heavily emphasizes passenger advocacy and empowerment, encouraging passengers to speak out against driving behaviors that pose a risk to the safety of those in the vehicle and on the roadways. Further, this program reviews the ways in which passengers can be helpful to a driver by minimizing distractions or helping to scan ahead for hazards. In this program, the important, age-relevant topic of pedestrian safety and defensive walking is also a covered topic.