Teen Driver Safety



A Comprehensive Solution to Teen Driving Safety Awareness

Teen driver safety is a complex issue, but one that can be addressed with the right approach. The ThinkFast Interactive (TFI) program is designed to be fun, interactive, and tailored to each age group and region, while also conveying safety information based on state and national guidelines. Through peer engagement and rewards, the program encourages students to “be cool” with safety measures, thus shifting their real-world intentions to align with safety benchmarks. Evaluative findings have indicated a shift in group norms due to rewards such as peer recognition and prizes for demonstrating knowledge. TFI is proud to provide an individualized, evidence-informed, and cost-effective plan for reducing motor vehicle-related injuries and fatalities among teen drivers in the states they serve. Join us in our mission to make the roads safer for everyone.

How do we work with state and local agencies to develop and execute teen driver safety programs?

Our team of dedicated professionals works closely with local, state and government officials to develop educational and awareness programs based on strategic plans and initiatives. We begin by establishing a budget, which determines the number of programs we can offer. We then schedule ThinkFast Interactive programs with administrators and educators and manage all tour logistics from start to finish. We provide real-time reviews and feedback throughout the process, ensuring that our programs are successful and effective.

How do we enhance peer-to-peer programs and existing regional efforts?

ThinkFast Interactive is not a standalone program and one-shot strategy at solving complex and unique safety issues faced by each community, instead, we like to work with peer-to-peer groups and regional coalitions to promote and enhance existing safety efforts. In alignment with all successful peer-to-peer strategies, we pride ourselves on promoting safety messaging that is relevant, factual, inclusive of all, has clearly defined learning objectives and done so in a fun and positive team-oriented environment.

Example Driver Safety Content

Beyond asking multiple-choice and True/False questions, the ThinkFast Interactive program utilizes other thoughtful and innovative ways to educate participants on safe driving practices; here are a few examples:


“Did you know” information slides:

Our program integrates informative slides throughout, displaying various facts and statistics about highway safety knowledge. These slides are designed to help students recall important information about driver inexperience, the sponsor state’s rules, regulations, and penalties relevant to the group the program serves. With these slides, we strive to ensure that our students are well-informed and prepared to make safe driving decisions.

Perception of social norms activity:

We want to help teens learn about the importance of safe driving and the social norms related to it. To do this, we incorporate interactive audience response questions. For example, we ask our team members to answer a safety awareness question such as: “Do you wear a seatbelt every time you're a passenger or driver?” They then press (1) if they do, and (2) if they don't on their handheld clickers. We then ask the entire team to guess how they think the majority answered. Teams that select within 10% of the correct amount of actual “yes” votes receive 1000 points, rewarding them for carefully considering social norms and making sure to make correct assumptions about what everybody else might or might not be doing.

“20-second Challenge” role playing activities:

Students are invited to the stage to take part in a safe driving challenge. The challenge involves two students being presented with a scenario related to safe driving that they may encounter in their own lives. Each student has 20 seconds to explain how they would react to the situation. The audience is then polled to decide which student's response they liked best. The challenge is facilitated by a host.

Custom educational videos

By incorporating customized videos, the educational experience is magnified, contributing to an enhanced overall experience and greater integration of the program's messaging.