ThinkFast Interactive in CO

February 15, 2019
  I want to thank you and the rest of the team from CO-DOT ThinkFast Interactive that makes this phenomenal and engaging program a possibility for the students at Denver Justice and throughout the State of Colorado.  The presentation was spot on in terms of information that students need to know and it is presented by a solid team that knows how to engage, educate and entertain a high school student population. Our students were thrilled and stoked about the presentation. I immediately had students telling me that this was program made sense to them, it was a blast and whole other series of compliments positive shout outs and compliments.
   As a parent of a sixteen year old who is working on their requirements to earn their driver’s license, I appreciate the content and information. My daughter as a digital native is much more attached to her phone, than I am. I believe that her high school should be taking part in this program, as well as every other high school in our state. I believe that this program can get the importance of the safety messages through to our students, teachers and other staff members who were in attendance, including myself.
     Our school has a large portion of new students each year, due to the design and purpose of our school. I am ready to sign up my school now for next year for the positive difference this program makes and how well it helps our students understand the messages that it communicates for the safety of everyone on our streets and highways.
Thank you,
Stephen Parce
Denver Justice High School

COVID-19 Update:

Many states across the country are beginning their phased reopening and slowly going back to normal. We at ThinkFast Interactive are excited to be back at it once again, but be rest assured, we are folding in new precautionary measures for all of our experiential productions so that we may keep your students SAFELY engaged. Below, please find the safety outline for our experiential production, ThinkFast Interactive.

New safety procedures for ThinkFast Interactive:

  • TFI now arrives with 125 game controllers to support teams of 2-6 participants.
  • All wireless remotes will be sanitized before and after each program.
  • Contestant panels will also be adjusted to allow for 3′ separation to maintain social distancing protocol.
  • For large groups, we will offer multiple, augmented programs.
  • Participants who are a part of stage challenges are social distanced.
  • Masks on hand for program staff to follow local COVID protocols.
  • Contactless load-in for all productions: No technical labor assistance required to produce programs.
  • All equipment/ vehicles will be regularly sanitized.
  • Topical safety recommendations/messaging on social distancing in school and while driving available.
Please note, if your location has any specific requests regarding safety protocol for outside vendors, we ask that you reach out to your respective agent to ensure compliance and communication to our production personnel.
The John Family