02. 27. 2019

ThinkFast Interactive in TX




Good Morning. Mr. Tidwell asked me to respond to you regarding yesterday’s presentation as he had to be off campus yesterday.

Only one word…AMAZING!  The kids were so engaged.  In the 8 years I have been here this has been far the best presentation we have ever had.  I talked to tons of students yesterday, throughout the day, and they all LOVED it.  They loved the fact that is was interactive and informative… the gift cards didn’t hurt either.  One said , “It wasn’t like all the others where we just sat there and listened to someone talk to us.”  Another talked about the think fast part ( which was an underlining theme)… we needed to pay attention and focus on no cognitive delay.


The faculty also responded favorably, they just wish they could have been a team….lol

Kudos to you, Nissan and the whole group that put this together.   What an awesome format.  You could make several presentations following the same format and ROCK school presentation on a large scale.

Thank you again.–


JH/HS Counselor
Mildred ISD