02. 15. 2019

ThinkFast Interactive in TN



ThinkFast Interactive Review:

Facilitators:  I first would like to commend the facilitators of this program.  They were punctual, great communicators, energetic, and extremely respectful to staff and students.

The program:  The ThinkFast Interactive program itself brought a lot of energy and excitement to our students and staff.  The atmosphere was contagious and electrifying.  Our students were extremely engaged in the program.  Not only did the program draw the attention of our students, but it was also a valuable tool for teaching our students about the risks on the road.  Our students not only engaged in the material during the program, but the conversations continued throughout the hallways afterwards.  This continued throughout the next hour, and we had our other grade levels asking why they were unable to attend this program.

Overall this was an excellent program to have at DuPont Hadley, and we would love the opportunity to continue hosting this program.


Best Regards,


Frederick Hewitt

Upper School Principal

DuPont Hadley Middle Prep