02. 15. 2019

ThinkFast Interactive in CO



As always, your ThinkFast Interactive program and staff were magicians in holding a group of high schoolers for an hour.  This is our second year and the kids seemed excited when they walked in, remembering last year’s ThinkFast Interactive program.  The freshmen were wowed and I heard a couple girls say as they left “we should have these guys more often!”  Your host always makes a point to learn kids names and remembers them from year to year, leaving an impression with students that they are here because they care.  It is evident this isn’t just a job for your team, but a passion because they care about kids.

The presentation was high energy, fun, and informative.  It is as student-centered as it gets and sets kids up to be the ones sharing the important facts that will indeed keep them safe as they go through another year of driving themselves and others around.  The production is cool from the get-go and kids enter into the atmosphere within minutes because of the staff’s expertise with music, pop-culture, humor and the like.  I would recommend this production to any school, anywhere.

Also, just as a side note I appreciated the constant communication and reminders along the lead-up to today.  It helps a busy principal make sure to keep staff informed and logistics set for when that white van rolls up.

All the best in your enterprise and thanks for pouring your energy and focus into the health of the youth of the nation.

Very sincerely,

Kevin Denton


Buena Vista High School