ThinkFast Interactive in MI

November 14, 2018


What an amazing assembly!  Alan and the DJ were fantastic.  They were energetic and kept the students involved in the presentation the entire time.  Additionally, the content of the presentation was perfect for HS students.  It was relevant and interesting.  Kids left the presentation talking about the content as well as the delivery.  I heard from several students that it was one of the best assemblies they have ever attended.  I would agree.  I would highly recommend this presentation and your presenters to my colleagues.  You are welcome to share my name and my recommendation as you see fit.

Thank you again for an amazing presentation.

Kelli-Ann Fazer
LakeVille Memorial High School
Otisville, MI, 48463

COVID-19 Update:

Many states across the country are beginning their phased reopening and slowly going back to normal. We at ThinkFast Interactive are excited to be back at it once again, but be rest assured, we are folding in new precautionary measures for all of our experiential productions so that we may keep your students SAFELY engaged. Below, please find the safety outline for our experiential production, ThinkFast Interactive.

New safety procedures for ThinkFast Interactive:

  • TFI now arrives with 125 game controllers to support teams of 2-6 participants.
  • All wireless remotes will be sanitized before and after each program.
  • Contestant panels will also be adjusted to allow for 3′ separation to maintain social distancing protocol.
  • For large groups, we will offer multiple, augmented programs.
  • Participants who are a part of stage challenges are social distanced.
  • Masks on hand for program staff to follow local COVID protocols.
  • Contactless load-in for all productions: No technical labor assistance required to produce programs.
  • All equipment/ vehicles will be regularly sanitized.
  • Topical safety recommendations/messaging on social distancing in school and while driving available.
Please note, if your location has any specific requests regarding safety protocol for outside vendors, we ask that you reach out to your respective agent to ensure compliance and communication to our production personnel.
The John Family